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Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
the transparency of the taxing illustration businesses develop with the help of state run programs as the two thousand twenty vistas brokeback industrialization programme exporter two thousand twenty produced in two thousand twenty as well. this is also reflected in increased tax revenues last year they rose by fifteen percent in about two three billion dollars this year we expect that these figures will be exceeded. don't assume the burden you with them when you went from the receiver. that is set to launch its second communication satellite cuts at three into space in two thousand fourteen and start production of its own satellites in two thousand fifteen. this is made by the deputy chairman of the kazakh national space agency mena been called the get go at the center communication service media briefing according to him the production will be launched in cooperation with colleagues from russia the modernization of the rocket launch facility is scheduled for two thousand the team. this will increase the capacity of missiles a completely replace the proton rocket. home edition is a thus we
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
to the town. just today i did twenty six people killed in similar tax on the very same town which lies around forty kilometers northeast of the city of that but with certain touch of the human rights as the ball than six hundred people have been killed across syria. since posting. he's in the egyptian capital five t gas that hundreds of supporters of the country's ousted president's day. i was in a cairo is iconic and tough risk while wilson was above middle c have been staging a protest demonic his reinstatement. to say that i can manage to enter the central square the very first time in several months will be seen as a symbolic date for the group. hosseini a new chips on the panel responsible for dropping the country's constitution but you today to continue with the two trials civilians despite stiff opposition from rights groups were consigned to be on the sweeping outs will drop off at people condition has now been approved meeting that a referendum will be held early next year at least four people being killed in new york's bronx a bar of term at true north suburban train to the rails on
Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
that the different forces that are involved in organizing it. coming to get that ends with some taxes but also with the corrected it get well and to add that to take a spirit to the coming together and making some plans for what to do going for but it still barren ok what exactly the planets whatever the demonstrators at the site yesterday already that they're a bit of a mixed bunch. what i think it is today. action said by the center divide the demonstrators were a big disappointment to the vast mass of a ukrainian seperate us to complete the study it's true that in ukraine the opposition has now formed of three main parties on one of them is a practical top of that which is the night with the french national front with other far right parties that in europe is no part to save the size of a right to participate is that kind of is not to stay at seventy and i think are we so yes today is that some members of saud and then people to the fact that the right to bed nationalists greeks will add to the team teed up to tuesday's buttons in this demonstration in ukraine is a funny situation paradoxic
Dec 9, 2013 6:30am PST
's accused of being under the influence of her brother. exiled former prime minister tax and housing tax is not wealth is in bangkok and he says protesters say that ministers concessions are too little too late. in terms of the protests to say they say this was not the final payment was on the road to victory for them than us the scene seems that coming through now and just been out there there's tens and tens of thousands of people out there on today's march and they say that they don't want just the dissolution of the house they say that at the current prime minister should not be in charge of any cats a coincident that governments and eighty two elections all and they say they won a total change of the natural system. they say they want appointed people's council and the cia a complete change the system they say it's been such a corrupted launched the in and minds by the end the political juggernaut started by as the brother of the current one is that sucks in sion was back in there the other two thousands. this nowhere does the minister go from here what options does she have. she c
Dec 6, 2013 6:30am PST
and taxes in the race is a goal and six the unit added differences all differences. and that is the will to do that. without being overly self conscious about his bc don't go in camps makes the bunnies the rainbow nation would like to represent. it deals with real problems including racial prejudice from all sides. some think will be on top of the coast and how to deal with on a frequent basis so they say it's become less of an issue and posted on its africa. i o line is in english here are a handful hated the doctors the doctor and the can and that's exactly the point is that celebrate the fact that in europe in the number of european descent and pensions african and african descent the nineteen ninety one even knows some months now the final of the road the seeing the spring books to really chew on it and most of the symbolic moment ruby was then and some might say. still it's nice to know quite expensive if you put into history books to be celebrated next to him. there were delivered the message so the ones in africa and student twenty four weeks this was a semin
Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
it fall short sometimes expectations of taxing its commitments to simplify customs procedures it can also add spaces they say economists. some one a tree in the us owes to the world economy. i kept going and going to study tells us more about it it's a milestone for the world trade organization. with talks turning into an extra game hundred and fifty nine members finally agreed on the first global trade deal since the wto is creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly delivered we have achieved something very significant the owner of the world will benefit from the ekka to have delivered here today the clean and simple finds custom procedures maintains limited at the cultural subsidies and improves access for goods from the world's worst countries. over time analysts believe the deal could boost global trade by about one trillion dollars and create more than twenty million jobs mostly in developing nations. we have done here in cali is truly extraordinary. we have negotiated a package that will bring its own security to billions of goal scorers we
Dec 3, 2013 6:30am PST
of taxing. this year he quit the democratic party and led protests in greece in the former leader's sister current prime minister you like it was paving the way for the return of vaccine who fled to cuba. i will probably be imprisoned or the diocese said it will never run away like that last talked. he ran away overseas from his prison sentence. are you doing next and she was willing to open every door negotiations with protesters. unless one has been issued for chf on charges of insurrection the protest movement in ukraine that's been growing by the day. hundreds of thousands of people have turned out in anger against the president who backtracked on a key trade deal with the european union in favor of russia. the president the piano coverage is now trying to calm anger. i offered to renew talks in brussels and parliament is meeting to vote on the motion of no confidence in government. that hasn't kept the protesters withstanding freezing temperatures outside to make sure the press and cups. woo hoo the increase in temperatures that pro european brownies and kids independence korea conti
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7